Tuesday, July 1, 2014

God's persistent grace in spite of sin

After David was anointed king, he spent several years as a hunted man. The reigning king, Saul, sought to destroy David so that the royal lineage would remain in Saul's bloodline. In order to avoid Saul's persecution, David and about 600 of his men went to the Philistine king, A'chish, and requested to dwell in the Philistine land. "Then David said to A′chish, “If I have found favor in your eyes, let a place be given me in one of the country towns, that I may dwell there; for why should your servant dwell in the royal city with you?” 6 So that day A′chish gave him Ziklag; therefore Ziklag has belonged to the kings of Judah to this day. 7 And the number of the days that David dwelt in the country of the Philistines was a year and four months" 1 Samuel 27:5 (NRSV).

The persistence of God's grace is demonstrated in this passage because even though David sought the favor of a foreign king, and eventually began to murder his own people, God's plan for David never wavered. God's good is so great that He can work around and with our sin. God is infinitely bigger than all of the rolled together sins that have ever been or will ever be committed in this world.  If we find ourselves looking for grace in the eyes of a foreign king or god or distraction, and sinning in order to remain in that grace, then we need to look for the persistent, unwavering grace that is found in the eyes of the Lord.